I am a runner, not a racer.  I love running, but for me it is about the running, not the speed, not the best time, not the PR.

I’d rather have a scenic run or an adventure, than a fast run.  I like runs that are worthy of a hundred or more photos.  I like runs that are enough of a challenge that afterward, people ask, “You ran where?”

I am in the Army.  Yes, that means on active duty — I play soldier every day.  I am assigned to a unit in Hawai’i, and am just back from a year in Iraq with them.

I am in a running mood.  During my year in Iraq, I got back into running – more to help deal with the stress of it all than anything else.  I trained for and completed the 2009 Honolulu Marathon, mainly for the joy of putting in the miles getting ready (though the beer at mile 20 was pretty good, too).

So, I am going to see what the island of Oahu has to offer for fun and exciting runs.

I run alone.  I use an old iPod with some cheap noise-canceling headphones.  I am a huge fan of my Garmin Forerunner 305, and I use it religiously.  I often run with one of my camelbacks — either a stripped down 60 oz one, or a larger 100oz one that has more bells than whistles that I really need but works very well.

I find routes through either books or the web.  I lay out my plans in Google Earth.  I never get the run right the first time, which is just fine with me because I enjoy exploring as I run.

And no, I am not fast.  An ideal run would be 13 to 15 miles through the jungle and up a ridge.  If I take less than 100 photos on a run, there’s something wrong with the run or I ran out of battery.  Oh, and I use a Fujifilm Z33 WP.

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  1. Found your site while Googling a trail name.

    Might I suggest you check out the H.U.R.T site? (www.hurthawaii.com) We’re a pretty loosely knit group of runners who get together for seasonal trail races. There is almost always a group of people showing up at one trail or another so it’s a good way to learn a new trail system.

    This time of year (spring/summer) there is a lot of activity at Peacock Flats (above Dillingham airfield) because the terrain is similar to a lot of trails on the mainland, so it’s good training. Also, it’s got some of the nicest running and views on the whole island IMHO. If you like hills, then this is the place for you…

    In the Fall/Winter, you’ll see a lot more activity on the Tantulaus trail system (Manoa), as people are gearing up for the local races held there. (Triple Trek and the H.U.R.T 100 in Jan). This is wet, muddy, slippery rainforest trail running. Always a challenge.

    We have people of all ages and abiltity so you can find someone to run with or just bring an iPod and run by yourself. We don’t care. 🙂

  2. Hi Art
    I was googling “run Mt. Kaala” and found your website. I looked at your Garmin Log file You ran Ka’ala in 2 hours and 13 mins? I just did it this past weekend

    Was curious what the fast times are since I know i am not fast. I just started doing this and want to get a goal to shoot for.

    What other Wai’anae range trails do you do?

    Aloha and nice website!

  3. Hey Art, Just wanted to say it was nice meeting you up on the Monoa trails today. Your blog has been very appreciated as I try out different trails in Hawaii. Hopefully you’ll get a chance to add a few more. Thanks again!

  4. I was one of the quilters that participated in IBOL and just wanted you to know you did good and even though things are not going well there or Afghanistan that you did impact positively a lot of lives. Here and there. Thanks. But one question. You allude you are leaving Hawaii. Staying in the Army or onto another chapter? Mahalo and aloha.

  5. Hey Art,
    I wasn’t sure where else to post this. I’ve started my own active-living blog. It’s geared towards out-of-shape/beginner hikers. I’ve always found your blog to be very interesting and motivating so I was wondering if I could link your blog to mine under “Other Pages” link. I didn’t want to do anything without permission. Is that alright?

  6. Just wanted to say thanks for all the work you put into this site. I noticed you haven’t been active for a while. But this is a tremendous resource. I just moved to the island and I already ran one of the trails you posted about. Can’t wait to keep checking more off the list. I hope you’re still running wherever you’re currently stationed.

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